Pay Your Heritage Home Group Invoice/Order/Acknowledgement Online

Paying HHG for your purchased product has never been easier....

Heritage Home Group has partnered with United Tranzactions (UTA) to offer an online electronic check payment option to its customers. With online bill pay, you can eliminate the need for writing checks and paying postage. As a HHG customer, you can take advantage of the control and convenience that online electronic check payments provide. PLEASE NOTE: if your account has terms, only ACH payments are accepted. Credit Card payments are acceptable only if paying IN ADVANCE for your order.





Please follow these steps to pay your invoice/order:

  • Obtain the invoices/orders that you wish to remit a payment on today.
  • Please click the HHG Brand icon above associated with the invoice or order in question.
  • Login using your Login ID and Password.

If you have not already registered – Please select the icon above to the right that matches the HHG Brand on your invoice/order, and then click on the "Customer Registration" link and complete the Customer Registration Form.

Please note:

If you are remitting payments on invoices/orders that are associated with more than one HHG Brand, you must register separately for each Brand used.

The "Login ID" will be your Bill To or Customer Account number that is listed on your invoice/acknowlegement.

During the registration process, you will be asked to create an alphanumeric "Password" that is between 4-25 characters in length.

Benefits to paying your HHG invoices online include:

  • Eliminating check and postage fees.
  • Ensuring prompt, timely remittance to avoid late charges.
  • Confirmation received when the payments are processed.
  • Security

Questions? Call 1-800-225-7576 and ask to speak to your Financial Services Representative for answers!