Heritage Home Group believes that sustainability means doing the right things to lead our business. Sustainability is the capacity to endure -- a hallmark of the furniture created in each of our brands. The enduring qualities of our products, however, go beyond traditional notions of timeless design and performance to also embrace practices grounded in environmental sustainability, care taking of the communities we work and live in and as well, charitable giving. Those practices create a consciousness for us to follow in ensuring that the business activities we engage in today will not harm the well-being of future generations.

Our company’s sustainability practices guide us in:

  • optimizing and replenishing the natural resources and materials used in our daily business activities through the careful selection, use and conservation of raw materials and energy;
  • effectively managing economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities impacted by our business decisions;
  • designing, making, and delivering safe and sustainable products through processes that minimize the use of materials and energy, promote recycling and reduce paper and supplies used in our manufacturing, warehousing, import, retail and office facilities;
  • acting responsibly by proactively protecting people and the environment from the consequences of accidents or inadvertent environmental hazards;
  • encouraging environmental initiatives in our local communities through corporate efforts and empowering employees to make a difference in enhancing the sustainability of their communities;
  • promoting positive relationships, based on mutual respect, with customers, colleagues, governmental representatives, and community neighbors to encourage the pursuit of favorable sustainable outcomes; and
  • creating value for our customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Through our implementation and continuous improvement in the execution of these guiding principles, Heritage Home Group recognizes its role and responsibility in striving to preserve the health and well-being of our environment.